Capital Investment

PMI also designs investment solutions for clients with existing capital to invest. Keeping too much money in the bank is not clever wealth management. Interest rates are so low that we need to find alternative locations for some of your capital.

The varied options provided to clients are typically dependent upon clients need for:

Guaranteed returns or unlimited returns: This refers to the return objectives of the capital under consideration. Capital with guaranteed returns requirements would be invested in lower risk investments while investments in equity funds and alternate investment strategies could yield higher returns.

Capital security: This outlines the risk exposure of the capital under consideration. Typically, investments with high capital protection needs are directed towards lower risk investments like bonds, structured deposits, etc. Those with higher risk taking capabilities should consider growth oriented investments that can be volatile in short term, but have the potential to generate higher returns in the long term.

Accessibility: This defines the financial dependability of the capital under consideration. If a client has lower accessibility/withdrawal needs, alternative investments funds or opportunities can be considered that could possibly have higher exit charges in the initial years.

Investment horizon: This refers to the time period that a client is looking at for his investments which could be short-term or medium to long term.