Why use PMI?

As a client, you will always receive from us best advice as well as the following:

Commitment - you will be assigned an individual advisor who understands your needs and situation and accordingly plans and manages the investment over its life. This way we ensure that you have a committed advisor throughout the term of the investment whom you can trust as opposed to dealing with multiple faces during your investment period. We believe in having deep and long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Competency - we have a team of qualified and experienced advisors who diligently manage your portfolio for maximum returns and financial security. Our clients' portfolios benefit from the team's proactive approach and understanding of market trends and movements.

Partnership with the best in the industry - Investment partners are an important part of the financial planning process - we carefully choose and establish partnerships with the best in the industry so that our clients benefit from the services provided by them and we also have access to a wide range of investment products that aid us in designing investment strategies.

Exceptional service - Our financial advisors are reachable 24/7 - 365 days a year for any queries and support. We update our clients as and when required on the investment status and as and when we need to suggest fund changes as per our future market views.

Transparency in pricing - We clearly state and also help a client understand the underlying charges when entering a plan or other investment vehicle - with full integrity.