Company Profile

Portfolio Management International - PMI is an independent offshore advisory services firm specializing in financial planning and wealth management services for individuals and companies.

Established in 2001, PMI has built a global presence over the last decade with clients in over 42 countries

Our primary aim is to build and protect a client's wealth - helping them reach their financial goals and objectives and securing their futures

We strive to deliver exceptional client service by not just assessing an individual’s financial situation and identifying appropriate innovative investment strategies and products but also monitoring and proactively managing these over the lifetime of the investment as a client’s situation or market conditions change

We believe in providing a unique one to one, personal, lasting and trustworthy relationship

Being truly independent, we represent some of the largest and best respected fund managers, investment houses and life companies in the world and hence are able to offer unbiased and tailor made advice for each individual investor or company

PMI mainly works with institutions in the Isle of Man and Mauritius. They have both solidified their reputations as the most stable, secure and confidential offshore centers in the world. Please refer to the Isle of Man / Mauritius page for more information about the regulations and policy holder protection available.