Education Planning

Perhaps the ultimate gift you can make is the gift of quality education. A good higher education qualification in today’s competitive employment market has become an essential passport to professional life and greater career opportunities.

Most of us are not able to afford to fund education fees directly from our income, so if you want to give your children the best possible start in life there is no time to lose.

By starting to save regularly when your children are young gives you the best opportunity to ensure that you can pay for the ever increasing cost of education. 

Cost of Delay

We all know that investing in education will give you the highest return in the long term – so we can ill-afford to procrastinate.

If you want to achieve the best for your children – you need to plan ahead. This enables you to distribute the cost over a longer period of time and also lets your savings be invested a good amount of time to let it grow significantly.  (please take a look at the Sat Facts section).