International Life and Health Protection

PMI believes it is essential to ensure that your family is financially protected in the event of death, accident or any serious illness. The idea is to protect those dependent on you for any loss of income and provide a cash benefit when it is most required. The various kind of cover are:

International Life Insurance - In the event of death, selected beneficiaries receive compensation equal to the amount of cover selected. We believe protection planning is particularly imperative for young individuals with families as one normally has higher financial liabilities in the early stages of life like mortgage, education fees for children, daily living expenses.

Income Protection Insurance – if you are unable to work due to a serious injury from an accident or some form of illness/disability you would need to replace your income to cover normal life costs and also manage the additional healthcare costs. There is only a certain amount of time that your savings will last to cover these costs. There are two ways of hedging against this risk.

  • Income Protection Plan – By availing this cover, you receive monthly compensation equal to a part or whole of the income level selected as stipulated in the contract.

  • Accident Insurance – This is specifically for protection against any financial loss due to accidents. The beneficiary receives a cash benefit equal to the cover specified in the contract.

Critical Illness Insurance - This specifically protects an individual against any income loss or increased living expenses due to serious illnesses like cancer, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, major organ transplant, Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, blindness, severe burns, coma, etc. In such cases, the beneficiary receives a lump-sum that would financially aid you and your dependents in these tough times.

International Health Insurance - In case the health insurance provided by your employer doesn't adequately cover your medical expenses, one should look at private health insurances for you and your family.