Capital Investment - How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Having defined the investment risk and return objectives, we advise on plausible options including:

A lump-sum investment plan that could be diversified across geographies/sectors through funds of some of the most respected names in the global asset management industry.

A platform through which a client can get access to anything that is listed or open to investors such as

    Stocks & shares quoted on any recognized stock exchange
    Direct bonds or commodities listed and trading in any stock exchange
    Mutual funds, hedge funds, arbitrage trading funds, exchange traded funds
    Equity market/commodity index trackers
    Structured products
    Offshore Deposits

PMI would help in setting up a plan or platform and monitor it on an ongoing basis within the set guidelines. Since the choice is so wide - professional advisors like us can help you in prioritizing and selecting the most appropriate investment managers/investments for your portfolio. A platform provides a wider access (over 5,000 approved assets) and is typically suitable for sophisticated high net worth individuals.


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