Other Testimonials

Piers, I want to take advantage of this e-mail to thank you very much for your valuable support managing my funds, this is priceless. This first 5 years working with you has been very good and I am so happy to have chosen the right Advisor to manage my money. My family and I are very happy to have a person like you taking care of our investment. Thanks, Edwin
Edwin Huamán Maldonado
Directional Drilling Engineer
Schlumberger D&M
North Gulf Coast

Piers Great...!!! I just logged into the web page and started playing around with the tools and everything, very, good. This is new to me so it will be a little while until a get a better understanding of this, however the growth that I'm looking seems very good, I'm glad I joined. Thank you very much for your assessment and definitely I'll recommend you to any of my friends. Cheers.

David Millar
RE- Heat Management

Thanks Piers for the report. Hope you and your family are very well in Buenos Aires. Yes, I am happy with PMI recommendations and with the frequency and quality of reports and casual contact. I always have PMI in mind as an excellent broker and, after some other experiences, I will get back to PMI for any future need and of course I will recommend PMI to any friend in the need of financial services.
Mendizabal Andrés

Piers; Very appreciative of the timely and detailed response. This is always a good sign. More so, from speaking with Edwin it would appear that this level of detail and involvement is no mere "sales pitch". This is also refreshing. I'd previously thought that maybe I didn't have enough money to be worthy of a financial planner's time and attention. Thanks again,
Frank Dhanoosingh

I think that you have steered an excellent course through these troubled waters. Therefore I will go with your recommendation for the funds and 30%. I have spoken to many other people about their own fund managers and it seems that they have not been as proactive as you. regards