Offshore Institutions

Isle of Man

We primarily represent investment companies based out of Isle of Man - a self-governing jurisdiction under the crown dependency of UK. It is located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland and is one of the most famous and secure offshore investment location in the world. We can say this with conviction as

It is rated independently by both S&P and Moody's and has a high sovereign credit rating (AAA by Moody's and AA+ by S&P).

It has a compelling feature called Investor Protection or Policyholder Protection which is designed for an investor's benefit. The way it works is in the event that any of the investment companies that are based out of Isle of Man go down, then up to 90% of the investor's money is protected by the Isle of Man government. In order to have this insurance in place, the Isle of Man government requires a premium every year from all the life assurance companies located there. To illustrate this point further in terms of numbers - In the US there is a protection of only $150k USD and in the UK 100k GBP, but the Isle of Man, it is 90% of whatever amount a client has, so if you have $1 million dollars in 20 years time and the investment company went bankrupt, you would be protected up to $900,000 USD.